The Business Solutions Series

The Dell EMC Business Solutions Series, in association with CRN, explores the Dell EMC end-to-end portfolio of products and solutions available to partners to deliver your customers results and develops a platform that will be ready for the new demands of tomorrow.

Understanding the hyper-converged phenomenon

Transforming a business with new technologies can be a headache for the executives, managers and workers involved. However, Dell EMC’s hyper-converged product portfolio delivers the power, simplicity and certainty that can deliver the next phase of innovation. This Dell EMC ‘Future of Hyperconverged’ booklet explains in detail the technology trends and conditions that have created the hyperconverged phenomenon; how the merger between Dell and EMC creates new opportunities for partners and customers to use hyperconverged technologies to gain an advantage over their competitors; and the benefits that customers are deriving from Dell EMC hyperconverged solutions.

The Future-Ready Workforce

New technologies and perspectives of the workplace are changing the way people work. However, this transformation is not impacting every worker in the same way or to the same extent. Differences in roles and work environments mean some people face far-reaching changes while others face only minor tweaks.

For businesses and government organisations, the key is to provide each worker with the tools and technologies that maximise productivity and performance. The days of ‘one size fits all’ workplace technologies are over as new tools make it easy to manage a wide range of devices and systems.

At Dell, we call a workforce equipped with tools that account for different working requirements a ‘future ready workforce.’

So what are the characteristics of a future-ready workforce?

The workforce is not just productive, but innovative. Because these workers have the tools and technologies that support the way they work, they have ready access to the insights needed to create new ways of working and to support customers.

These workers are not just connected, but empowered. These workers are seamlessly and securely connected to the information they need, where and when they need it. This enables them to make more informed decisions more quickly.

Not just satisfied but engaged. Businesses and government organisations do not just attract top talent, but retain quality people through flexibility and innovative technology.

For businesses or government organisations that aim to become future-ready, the starting point is to ask themselves three questions.

These are:

  • Does our technology support a modern workforce?
  • Are our employees satisfied with the devices they have for the way they work? and
  • Are we secure?

Download this FREE insight into the Future-ready workforce with Dell.

The Future-Ready Enterprise

The ‘Future-ready’ enterprise acknowledges the rapidly evolving technology landscape of today and the need for businesses to adapt quickly.

More than ever, technology is becoming the engine that drives business results. Whether harnessing data to create better products, engaging more efficiently with customers, or leveraging the cloud to meet new business needs, IT is driving competitive advantage. Big data, cloud and mobility are ushering in new capabilities and resetting expectations. And they create waves of workloads, changing architectures and consumption of IT from the data centre to the end-user device. IT infrastructure must be agile and flexible to keep up with an unpredictable future.

You might have heard Dell EMC talking about the “future-ready enterprise”. Being future-ready doesn’t mean ripping and replacing your infrastructure. Rather, it acknowledges the rapidly evolving technology landscape and how businesses must adapt quickly. Future-ready means building a bridge between your legacy IT and innovative technologies to enable business growth and optimise IT applications and performance.

Today, far too many organisations have siloed data centres that lead to unnecessary complexity and higher operating costs. The IT platform powering the business to its potential must be future-ready and ready right now.

Future-Ready data centres have five common characteristics. They are:

  • Workload ready and optimised to deliver better information and peak performance with ease
  • Virtual and converged to maximise management efficiency & performance, seamlessly and economically
  • Software defined so you can pool & deploy resources & manage through software without complexity
  • Cloud optimised so you can build your cloud computing strategy, your way
  • Big data optimised to drive fast, actionable insights using advanced analytics

Download this FREE insight into the Future-ready enterprise with Dell EMC.

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