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We believe that double the number of managed service customers should never mean double the workload. Automation Manager allows you to improve profits on your current customers and create automation policies to easily onboard and manage new customers. Each technician should be able to manage dozens or even hundreds of devices by themselves.

Automating and self-healing can be important contributors to preventing problems and improving your bottom line. Solarwinds N-able's Automation Manager provides award-winning automation capabilities with a drag-and-drop interface - no scripting required.

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The 7 Keys to MSP Success

How the world's most successful and profitable MSPs deliver consistent and scalable services

Solarwinds N-able polled some of the top MSPs in the world and asked what they have done to become successful, and we have put their top tips for success into one document for you. The 7 Keys for MSP Success provides you with key steps that some of our top performing partners have taken to consistently grow profitable, scalable business with recurring revenue and better business valuations.

Download the white paper today and learn what the most successful, highest growth MSP's do to achieve success.


MSP Profit Watch

Master the shift from basic monitoring to optimized end-user experience

MSPs and VARS are facing changes and potential disruptions in their business all of the time. And these changes are coming from all directions - new competitors, technology convergence, pressures on pricing, and mobility. Is it possible for an MSP to leverage these changes to increase their margins and continue to add value to their customers?

Read "MSP Profit Watch: Master the shift from basic monitoring to optimized end-user experience" and discover how other MSP's have taken on the challenges of the changing MSP landscape, capitalized on those changes and continued to add value for their customers and revenue to their business.


5 Ways Great MSPs Automate Their Business

How automation can benefit your business and your revenue

Automation is about streamlining the tasks you do on a routine basis and it touches many areas of an MSP's business. Solarwinds N-able's latest E-book "5 Ways Great MSPs Automate Business" highlights what the leading MSPs are doing, from automating maintenance, to onboarding, to billing and more.

Download this E-book now to see where you could be getting some automation wins to make your business more successful.


2015 Managed Services Pricing Guide

Industry best practices

Transitioning to managed services can seem like a daunting challenge. How do you price your services and products so that you maximize your revenue without charging your customers too much or too little? And how do you know which products and services to add?

Download the 2015 Managed Services Pricing Guide from Solarwinds N-able to get an overview of how Solarwinds N-able has priced and packaged its Remote Monitoring and Management software, (RMM), and how Solarwinds N-able's business support, automation tools and free monitoring licenses can help you take your business to the next level.


The Automation Breakthrough

How to automate more tasks, increase productivity, improve customer satisfaction, and reduce risks (with the same technician headcount)

Based on extensive interviews and surveys of top performing, high growth MSPs around the world, this white paper, MSP Automation Breakthrough, highlights key requirements next-generation automation solution that will enable you to deliver standardized and repeatable IT services to your customers.

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