MSP security is key to business security – for everyone

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Managed service providers (MSPs) provide critical services to organisations of all sizes across almost every vertical across the world. With such a massive footprint they are a significant target for cybercriminals seeking to disrupt businesses or launch attacks such as ransomware and business email compromise at scale.

Today’s threat actors aren’t characterised by the lone wolf hackers we often see on TV and in movies. The days of the solitary hacker wearing a hoodie, hunched over a screen or green text in a darkened room are well behind us. Today’s attackers operate in sophisticated teams that collect and share information, tools and methods.

The threat level for MSPs is at the highest it’s ever been. It’s so significant that the cybersecurity authorities of the "Five Eyes" countries issued an alert warning of an increase in malicious cyber activity targeting MSPs. This type of advisory is unprecedented with the threat level expected to continue. 

Prioritising security

While the threat level is high and malicious parties continue to develop and refine their cyber arsenal, MSPs can take steps to protect themselves and their partners and customers. This starts by bringing security to the top of the partnership conversation. N-able, a major provider of tools and services to MSPs, offers a comprehensive security stack. Rather than being a bolted on afterthought, security is tightly coupled so information and systems are as well protected as possible. 

With an experienced team of experts, many of whom have worked as MSPs, N-able supports its customers and partners with technology that is backed by experience. This enables the company to meet customers where they are and give them the support and guidance they need to elevate their security posture. 

By ensuring its MSP partners are as secure as possible, N-able helps to protect thousands of business, in almost every vertical, across the world.

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